5 Best Free Online Photography Schools To Help You

Before I list you some good online photography schools, I would suggest you to read my article on how to become a professional photographer.

Now, coming back to the point — If you are someone, who is interested in photography and desires pursuing your career life in this then it is good to hold few certifications. Even though it isn’t necessary to hold a degree for becoming a photographer but since this field is getting highly competitive, you would see a huge demand for this. To stand unique from the rest, you certainly require something that others don’t have. One important quality is to hold few photography certificates. You can acquire them either by enrolling in a reputed photo school or through online. If you are going in the web way, prefer the below listed free and best photography schools. Check out

5 Best Photography Schools Online That Are 100% Free

You will know the importance of holding certifications from reputed schools only when you run your own photography business or find a job under someone. Trust me, they are extremely important. Make sure you enroll in a good school and get certified.

Best Free Online Photography Schools 1. MIT – Photography Introduction

This is the best online photography degree to hold. This gives a total access to coursework materials, syllabus, lectures, photography’s introduction and advanced concepts. Even though live professors will not guide you, you can easily follow their schedules. It instructs you about the various photography techniques, which others might not teach you. In fact, this is the reason why it stands different from others. It teaches you about monochrome photo techniques, lighting, digital imagine, exposure development, printing techniques and so on.

2. Photography Basics – Suite101

When it comes to online photography schools, this website greatly helps. Jodie Coston assists you to explore both scientific and creative photography sides from his 4-lesson plan. In this course plan, you will be learning everything about photography – Right from its history, photography basics, types of cameras to use, the way to capture high quality pictures, lightings etc.

3. ehow’s Intermediate Photography Lessons

If you are well skilled with the basic photography lessons and feel that you require learning, some advanced concepts now, then consider ehow’s intermediate photo lessons. This online series is the best. It is absolutely free and has about 15 videos right from basics to advanced techniques used in photography. It tells how to take good pictures, play with lighting, poses for a subject, headshots, candid photography etc.

4. Photoflex Lighting School

When it comes to best free online photography schools, then this is something that cannot be missed out. It is a great source for people who are interested improving their video lighting and photographic skills. This website is for the intermediate photographers. Trust me – after going through this, you will know the advanced concepts.

5. About.com’s Weekly Photography Assignments

This is another great source for online photography schools. It offers some weekly assignments that helps the students to learn about the ins & outs of picture making.