How To Become An Interior Designer? – 6 Tips To Note

Do you wish securing yourself with a high paying job? If yes, then you must consider reading this article. When it comes to good a job that pays well, interior designing is something that is always been included in the list. So, what is interior designing all about? How to become an interior designer and how much do interior designers make? If these are the questions running through your mind, just read on.

What Is interior Designing?

Interior designing is not only about home decoration. No! It is also about creating beautiful and functional interior spaces, not only to homes but also to your gardens, shops, cafes, restaurants, office & commercial properties. So, interior designing isn’t limited to a house alone. You can broaden the way you want to. I hope you have now an idea as to what is interior designing.

The efficient and imaginative use of textures, colors, lights, space and patterns is the major core of interior designing. Many interior designers know about almost everything – right from picking color schemes, choosing interior finishes like flooring, wall coverings, furniture and furnishings. They make sure they decorate with a perfect finish, as expected by their clients.

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How To Become An Interior Designer?

how much do interior designers make

If you are someone, who is passionate or interested about decorating and arranging things, then you must consider becoming an interior designer. Not only it pays you well but also you will have fun doing it. Moreover, it is the best way to bring out your inner creativity. So, if you are planning on it, then certainly you must know how to become an interior designer. Look at the below steps

1. Evaluate Your Strengths, Weakness & Skills

If people are often complimenting your décor skills or frequently turning on you for suggestions and tips, then it is a great sign for becoming an interior designer. You have that natural talent, which nobody else has. However, when you work for others, you will have a great chance to know about different styles and taste. In fact, you will have to expose your knowledge and bring it your own creativeness on materials, fabrics, space planning etc. You need to list down the areas, which seem little challenging to you. Work on it!

2. Train Yourself

This is one of the important things to note when it comes to how to become an interior designer. It is not necessary to hold a degree for becoming an interior designer. However, to add credibility, consider taking certifications and classes on interiors. You can either have yourself enrolled in a good traditional interior design school or check for few best online interior designing programs.

3. Practice Everyday

It is true said – “practice makes a man perfect”. Practice interior designing on your own home or relatives or neighbor and friends home.

4. Make An Impressive Portfolio

Whenever, you do a project, make sure to take pictures of them labeling “before” and “after”. Hold both soft as well as hard copies of it. Designing websites like HGTV, Flickr etc offers facilities to show your décor works through online.

5. Search For A Job

When it comes to how to become an interior designer, this is something you must mark. Yes, of course the competition for high paying jobs is at its peak. It might not be that easy to look for a job in this. However, if your skills stand out of the box, it is obvious for any employer to prefer you first from the rest.

6. Begin Your Own Interior Business

If you do not like working under someone and desire being your own boss then you can consider starting your own interior business. However, you require little capital in the beginning.

I hope you have now known how to become an interior designer. However, if you are running with a question as to how much do interior designers make. Then read further

How Much Do Interior Designers Make?

Well, people in this profession are paid about $35.29/hour. Experts can easily make $86430 per annum whereas beginners can make between $35320 & $65690 per annum.