Photographing A Business

I was asked recently by a friend of mine to help with photographing a business. I usually only work with more rural and picturesque views but I decided that perhaps it is time to branch out further afield. So I stepped into the factory warehouse and started to snap away. Now, print finishing equipment is not the most exciting thing I have ever seen in fact I found it quite difficult to really make the equipment stand out. I mean what are you going to do to make a lamination machine look interesting? I asked to see some of the equipment set up in an environment where it would be suitable.

I think I took perfect shots with what I had, but I think when it comes to product images you want to be using a white background to really make your product stand out. If you can manage setting up a proper set of adequate lighting, it needs to be lit quite a lot to really stand out.  I guess at the end of the day It’s not about making these things look interesting, The client doesn’t want them to look interesting, it’s more about making them look presentable and accurate.