The Art Of Fine Photography

Fine photography is a combination of an art form and documentation. Photographers work for the best lighting and composition in each shot, crafting the perfect outcome. Yet at the same time, it is often the spontaneous shot that steals the moment. Many of the top photographers are the first to point out that the most moving photos of generations past, the photos with the greatest historical impact, were taken on equipment that is far inferior to the technology available in the lowliest cell phone, these days. This is, perhaps, their way of saying that it is not the equipment but the photographer who makes the shot memorable. Combine that with the place of photography in marketing, and fine photography is visible in more than just galleries and art shows. Here are some examples of the art of fine photography.

The Pop-Up Hotel


An outstanding example of fine photography for commercial use is with the Pop-Up Hotel. This unusual company provides private, luxury camping experiences for their clients. The photos of their facilities at the Glastonbury Festival and many other locations create a dynamic montage that thoroughly displays the company’s services with few words. Viewers can see from the photos that the tents are luxuriously furnished, and the careful draping of fabrics convey the sense that these accommodations are soft and comfortable. The soft lighting within the tents in the shots, along with the presence of table lights on tables beside the bed convey the information that these luxurious tents are equipped with electricity. Groupings of tents in the background of some shots make the point that these tents can be part of a larger grouping, as for a festival or reunion.

Action shots of festival participants at concerts, of individuals surfing and hiking, and shots of shaded hiking trails, all convey to the viewer that there are many activities available to clients of the Pop-Up Hotel, all without saying a word. The peaceful view of sunrise over a lake, with the bow of a kayak in the foreground, and sunset scenes of beaches portray the locations people seek out when they are looking for their holiday destination. Fine photography makes all of this possible.

Beautiful Beasties


Another company that uses photography to tell its story, and indeed, teaches photography, is Beautiful Beasties. Scrolling through their information, the viewer will see dozens of outstanding shots of pets and other animals. The photos are cute, portraying action in some cases and repose in others. There are high quality tips for taking photography of animals, as well as techniques to lend to a more successful photo session. Photographers can also get ideas for marketing their work, as well as pricing.


CraftsyLogo is a site for people who like to make things themselves. Their Beautiful Cake Photography section is a perfect example of tutorials for lighting, selecting equipment, setting up a shot, and processing the photos. Examples of beautiful photos of cakes are inspiring.

For fine photography, the key is research and study. Read what others have done successfully, and strive to imitate it.