Thoroughly British Seasalt Clothing

It is so refreshing to see a clothing designer that takes inspiration from the region that gave birth to the business. That is exactly what Seasalt clothing does. These fresh, Cornwall-inspired fashions set the bar for quality clothing that is attractive and comfortable, as well as affordable.

Seasonal Inspiration


Seasalt’s designers take their inspiration from the Cornish location and lifestyle. The maritime history of this entire region along with the long coastlines and fresh sea air are the birthing-place of fine fashion and decorative details that are uniquely Cornish.

Think of the granite cliffs that overlook the coast. The vertical lines, yet fine texture of these cliffs feature in the intricate designs of the clothing. Long stretches of sand inspire flowing lines in skirts, tops, and slacks. Colors come from the brass/gold of gorse and the natural lichen growing on the cliffs.


Cotton, chambray, velvet – all play a part in the luxurious fabrics in the Seasalt clothing line They are taken from the natural setting, producing a comfortable flowing feel. Denim and corduroy have an earthy texture and durability, and make up fine pieces for your wardrobe.

Fabrics are also made of hiqh quality yarn. Lambswool and cashmere figure into the construction of the fabrics used here. But, don’t forget the ever-versatile cotton used in the fabrics.


The prints used on all of the clothing from Seasalt are hand-drawn and individually crafted. Their designers use a variety of methods to produce the lovely, detailed prints. The design studio is located at Falmouth Bay, giving the designers constant inspiration. Daily change in the colors of the outdoor areas provide beautiful palettes.

Each season features different color tones and combinations. The designers dye different swatches of fabrics to see that the color remains true from one type of fabric to the other, making adjustments when necessary.

Prints start with sketching and block prints, proceeding on to production of the actual fabrics for the unique clothing.

Award Winning


Seasalt is also an award winning clothing company that has been around for a long time. It was awarded the 2013 Queen’s Award for Enterprise, and for Sustainable Development.

The iconic “stripey shirt” originated with Seasalt Clothing, and is a mainstay of those who love the Cornish heritage. Officially called the Sailor Shirt, it has been and always will be made of organic cotton. This single piece is the epitome of everything about Seasalt, made of excellent quality out of material produced with the least amount of damage to the environment as possible. With its commitment to sustainable crops, Seasalt contracted with struggling private farmers throughout the world. If these farmers would raise organic cotton, Seasalt would be willing to pay a little more for it. This would not only keep the small farms in business, but provide Seasalt with the premium raw materials they use for their clothing.

Enjoy the lovely designs inspired by the Cornish seaside and history. These unique, original prints and styles reflect a truly beautiful and quality lifestyle.